Jim and Linda Rea started Moonbeam ranch in July 1996.  
We moved from Albuquerque for a lifestyle change.  Linda,
a retired CPA, worked as Controller for KOAT, the ABC
affiliate in Albuquerque.  Jim, a retired Electrical Engineer,
worked for 45 years for Sandia National Laboratories.  
Both Jim and Linda had roots in small town America and
wanted to return to basics.  

Moonbeam Ranch is a 986 acre ranch.  It has Jim and
Linda's home in addition to being home for three of our
four children and their families.   

We have worked, since 1996, to improve the pastures
using rotational grazing and practices to encourage the
growth of native grasses.  The process of removing the
cholla and prickly pear cactus has been an arduous task
but one that has paid off tremendously.  Molly, our
Australian Shepherd cattle dog is a great asset in moving
the cattle around the ranch and into new pastures every
few days.  

The bull, Willie, is a red angus.  He is our "red headed
stranger".  The cows are charolais and charolais cross.   
Yearlings are sold when they are about 1 1/2 years old.