Current year Announcement
We are currently sold out for the 2019 selling season.  We will start selling again around March or April next year.  If
you would like information that you can't find here, don't hesitate to complete the "Contact us" form.

Greetings from the folks at Moonbeam Ranch, NM, the standard of excellence for authentic aged, grass-fed beef.  
We’ve been setting the grass-fed standard for more than 20 years, well before the trend to healthier beef products
became fashionable.  Many of you are established customers and most came to us through recommendations of
other customers.  
The past few years have offered many challenges to our business.  Drought conditions have persisted, resulting in
higher hay prices and need for more hay to over-winter the main herd.

2019 Prices
We have maintained the same prices for 2019 that existed in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018; we do anticipate higher
prices in 2020 and beyond.
•        $2.80 per pound for a whole beef, with a deposit of $900
•        $2.95 per pound for a half beef, with a deposit of $700
Total price is determined by the weight of your beef, on the hoof, at Moonbeam Ranch, just prior to the time we
transport it for finishing at the custom processor.  
The non-refundable deposit is sufficient to hold the beef until it is due to go to the processor at a target weight of
900-1100 pounds
(For weights over 1100 lbs, we will offer slightly lower prices per pound).  You will be notified when that time
approaches and will be required to remit the balance due at that time.  As always, we are pleased to be able to offer
discounts to returning customer, veterans, and active duty military personnel.  
Transportation of your beef to the processor is done at no additional charge.  You are responsible for processing
costs.  Western Way, the custom processor in Moriarty, charges a fee of $75.00 for each whole beef plus $.75/lb
based on the hanging weight.  Many experts recommend that grass-fed beef be dry-aged for 21 days at the
processor, and Western Way accommodates this as part of the processing charges.  I will provide you with the cutting
instruction sheet for the processor and assist you with its completion. When the instruction sheet is completed, you
will return it to me so that it can accompany the animal to the processor.  After the beef has been aged, cut, wrapped
and frozen, you will pick up your processed meat from the processor.
As an example of total costs, consider the following.  If the total weight of a beef on the hoof is 950 lbs, your cost for
half of the beef will be approximately $1675, including an estimate for processing.  
This year, I only have 1/2 left
and he is large.  He will weigh in excess of 1100 pounds.  The approximate cost for him, including
process will be $1900 for a half.  For this last half, I will freeze the size for billing purposes at 1090
pounds making the $1900 a very accurate estimate.  

Other Distinguishing Characteristics of Moonbeam Ranch Beef
•        Fresh, potable water – on most ranches, cattle drink from dirt-tanks; ours drink the same water we do
•        Large acreage per animal – each animal enjoys approximately 80 acres to graze
•        Covered shelters for animals to protect against bad weather
•        Highest quality hay from Estancia Valley producers to supplement pastures during winter months. The hay
   that we feed is non-GMO and raised with no herbicides or pesticides.
Since the size of our herd still remains relatively small, please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your beef for
this year.  Recent weighings indicate that deliveries will begin by early May.  We book commitments on a first-come,
first-served basis, giving preference to satisfying returning customers.